As well as private Pilates sessions I am currently also teaching regular sessions at these clubs:
  • Nuffield Health in Brondesbury Park - Tuesday 6:00pm (mixed level)
  • Nuffield Health in Battersea - Thursday 7:30pm (upper mixed level), Sunday 11:30am (upper mixed level)
  • Sunstone Women in Stoke Newington- Monday 6:15pm (mixed level), 7.15pm (beginners)
If you are a member of one of those clubs, pop in and say hello! If you're not a member you can take advantage of one of their summer offers to try their clubs for a little bit less before the sun finally runs away from us for good...
Until August 31st, get a 50% discount on your first Pilates Focus for you or Pilates Focus for a group session!

Summer is a good time of the year to start a new Pilates programme. Why? We often wait until January to start a new fitness regime, but then it's cold and rainy and even getting out of bed is a struggle, and so we give up after a few weeks because it's all such hard work.

If you're not going away this Summer, a Pilates session by yourself or with a small group of friends at your own home or office can be just the thing to make you feel good and create a little oasis of health in your busy life.

Research by UCL says it takes 66 days to form a habit, that's only two months, or 10 Pilates sessions. Contact me to find out more or book your first session now to get started!